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Photovoltaic project in the five major coal-based base has changed the scope of how much?
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Recently, the National Energy Administration issued a circular to further tighten the coal-fired power projects that have been included in the plan but have not yet been officially started.
It stands to reason that coal-fired power and photovoltaic power plants are now in the midst of an increasingly heated conflict over power generation rights. Therefore, the suspension of coal-fired power projects should be "very happy" for PV.
However, everything needs to look at the details. In the aforesaid notification from the National Energy Administration, there is a remark like this: In order to avoid the power redundancy of the affected provinces due to the acceptance of foreign coal and electricity and to promote the planning and construction of the coal-fired power station supporting coal-electricity bases as required, and to adjust the supporting wind power accordingly , Photovoltaic power generation production sequence.
More directly, for those large-scale coal-fired power bases supporting photovoltaic power generation projects, which have not yet started, also need to follow this adjustment of coal power construction festival come together.
According to the notice issued by the National Energy Administration, the construction progress needs to be adjusted mainly from quasi-east coal-to-electricity base in East China to East China, Ningdong Ningdong coal base Ningdong to Zhejiang, Erdos coal base in Inner Mongolia Shanghai Temple to Shandong, The scale of operation of the coal-to-electricity power transmission projects supporting the transmission lines from Yu-Heng to Shandong in Shaanxi North Shaanxi Coal Base, and the coal-fired power projects in Inner Mongolia Ximeng Coal and Power Base, Ximeng to Shandong and Ximeng to Jiangsu Power Transmission Corridor.
Roughly speaking, by the progress of this slowdown in the construction of photovoltaic power generation project size, not a decimal. To quasi-East New Energy Base, for example, the size of its planned photovoltaic power generation reached 2.5GW, Ximeng Coal and Electricity Base installed capacity of 550MW photovoltaic.
In fact, the greater impact comes from whether the construction of supporting UHV grid projects will also slow down or the capacity will be reduced as the construction of coal-fired power bases slows down. This may further exacerbate the "abandoned Optical power limit. "
The pace of construction of the five major coal bases slowed down
Electricity and the economy of a country are sometimes like the relationship between water and water, and it always needs to circulate between adding more water and more water.
Right now, the National Energy Board is worrying about the possible excess of coal.
Recently, the National Energy Administration issued a "Circular on Further Regulation and Control of Coal and Electricity Planning and Construction", requiring the combination of national pre-release coal-fired power generation planning and risk warning, and further increase the risk warning level for the province's self-use coal-fired power projects (excluding Minsheng Thermoelectric) regulation and control of planning and construction.
Statistics show that this is the fourth similar document recently issued by the National Energy Administration.
According to this document, the approval for the inclusion of the planning project has not been approved yet; the projects approved have not yet been completed with the necessary supporting documents or the necessary supporting documents have not been started yet One side of concrete) to suspend the construction started; construction started in 2016, stop construction; started construction before the end of 2015, but also to adjust the construction period, to grasp the production pace.
However, for the above project, did not kill the stick, but also slightly left a hole. That is, after the risk warning level turns green, under the guidance of the state, the corresponding provincial-level development and reform commission (NEA) will gradually resume the mitigation and the construction and approval of the coal-fired power generation project will be moderated.
The notice also said that the suspension of approval and start construction does not include Minsheng Power Project refers to people's livelihood heating load, and according to the recent heat load forecasting situation, the proportion of heating and cooling CHP ratio of not less than 80% of the cogeneration project.
The data also show that in 2014 and 2015, the National Energy Administration also approved several large-scale coal power base projects.
This time, these projects also did not receive "extra-legal merits." Among them, the quasi-east coal-to-east base in east China, Ningdong Ningdong coal base Ningdong to Zhejiang, Ordos coal base in Inner Mongolia Shanghai Temple to Shandong, Shanxi coal power base in Shaanxi Yuyao to Shandong transmission channel supporting coal-fired power projects Of the scale of operation, by the end of 2020 to control the scale of the state within half of the planned; Inner Mongolia Ximeng Coal Base, Ximeng to Shandong, Ximeng to Jiangsu power transmission channel supporting coal-fired power projects the total production scale by the end of 2020 to control 7.3 million kilowatts less.
How much range?
It is noteworthy that, in this notice, specifically mentioned in these coal-fired power bases include photovoltaic, wind power and other projects. In other words, these projects supporting wind power, photovoltaic power generation projects, but also according to supporting the planning and construction of coal-fired power plant project to adjust the timing of production accordingly.
Do not underestimate the weight of this sentence, which means that several GW of photovoltaic projects will be affected, to a greater or lesser degree.
To quasi-East New Energy Base, for example, the approved wind, photovoltaic transmission program of the total construction scale of 7.7 million kilowatts, 5.2 million kilowatts of wind power, photovoltaic 2.5 million kilowatts. Among them, the scale of photovoltaic construction in Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region 2 million kilowatts, Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps photovoltaic construction scale of 500,000 kilowatts.
In contrast, Ximeng coal base of wind, photovoltaic smaller size. Among them, Ximeng to Shandong bundled to send a new energy scale of 1 million kilowatts, is expected to wind power installed capacity of 3 million kilowatts, photovoltaic installed capacity of 350,000 kilowatts; Ximeng to Jiangsu Taizhou UHV voltage level of ± 800 kilovolts, the transmission capacity of 8 million Kilowatt, bundled to send the scale of wind power 900,000 kilowatts, photovoltaic size of about 200,000 kilowatts.
Except for some photovoltaic power generation projects that have not been approved or started construction, they will be directly suspended for approval or suspended from the construction impact. Whether the more indirect and large-scale impact will be gradually revealed will be worth more attention.
Needs to attract photovoltaic investors attach great importance is that with the slowdown in the construction of coal-fired power base, with its supporting UHV grid project will also slow down the construction, or send capacity smaller?
If so, it will undoubtedly further exacerbate the "Abandoned Light Limited Power" in some areas.
Original title: Five major coal base photovoltaic project has changed, spread to what extent?